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Our ELV Division

Creating a comprehensive ELV (Extra-Low Voltage) plan for new office spaces presents a complex challenge, particularly in the face of evolving technology and the client’s need for scalability. Many clients prioritize hiring top-notch architects and interior designers for their offices but may overlook the importance of a well-thought-out ELV strategy.
we recognize the significance of this oversight and function as an integrated ELV department for our clients. Our approach involves a thorough understanding of requirements, meticulous documentation, detailed planning, and drawing-level design. We collaborate seamlessly with architects and interior designers, seeking their valuable input, and ensure a smooth integration of ELV elements into the overall office design. Our services extend to the tendering process, guaranteeing the proper execution of the ELV plan for optimal functionality and future adaptability.

Servers & Workstations

  • Time Attendance
  • Controlled Access Doors
  • Monitored Doors.
  • Audio/ Video Intercom Solutions
  • Structured Cabling Systems

  • Ethernet and Fiber Optic Cables
  • Fiber Cable Splicing.
  • Fiber Cable Termination.
  • Testing of copper cables.
  • Public Address

  • Speakers - Ceiling / Wall Mounted
  • Wireless Solutions.
  • Voice Evacuation.
  • Integrated Announcement Solutions
  • A/V Systems

  • Analogue/ IP Solutions
  • Central Dish Setup
  • Installation of receivers, dish, repeaters
  • Various Head-end configurations
  • Advance fiber optic solutions.
  • our clients

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